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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and commercial payers continue to build value-based care models that reward providers for health outcomes as opposed to the volume of tests or services they complete. We help practices navigate the new value-based care world by meeting them where they are and building customized solutions that yield the greatest results. When you collaborate with us, the dynamic healthcare landscape is an opportunity, not a challenge, for transformation.

We understand that meaningful solutions for our partners must be unique, innovative, and local.  That’s why we’ve developed over nine-thousand permutations and combinations of risk programs across the country. Here’s how we collaborate:

A true Collaborative experience – healthcare transformation consulting

No two practices are alike, and no one model, system or strategy will work for everyone. We have the word “collaborative” in our name because we truly believe in the value of deep, long-lasting relationships. CHS solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Ongoing collaboration with our provider partners is critical to the successful application of our system-wide insights to the nuances of our local markets.

A strong foundation of technology – HealthyImpact 360

While technology is only part of what we deliver for our provider partners, it is the critical foundation for the collaboration necessary for delivering the right care at the right time. HealthyImpact 360, our easy-to-use technology platform, provides a comprehensive dashboard interface for tracking population health and quality reporting for your practice. An integral part is Ignite, a proprietary, HIPAA-compliant and secure audio/video telehealth platform. Our platform easily integrates with EMR systems for an additional layer of real-time collaboration.

Care Coordination & Social Determinants of Health

Our care coordination and social determinants of health solutions drive success in value-based care.  Long before these became standard healthcare buzzwords, we were coordinating care and taking into account social determinants of health to provide and improve care beyond the clinic and provider’s office.

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Data & Analytics

Our suite of tools is built with leading data scientists and healthcare data-drive organizations. We provide you with meaningful, actionable insights that are easy to use and access. You’ll see the full impact of patient behavior on your organization. Plus, you’ll have efficiency and quality reports for regional hospitals, long-term care facilities, and specialists.

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Risk Contracting & Management

Our risk contracts are tailored to fit your organization. We understand risks, rewards, and the challenges. Let us help you determine the risk and exposure you’re willing to take, and build lucrative fee-for-value contracts with you.

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