Who We Are

Chesapeake IPA (CIPA) is an independent physician association (IPA) organized in 2018 by practices in the state of Maryland. We are provider-led and primary care-focused. Our purpose is to provide our participating practices with the benefits derived from belonging to a larger group, such as potential improvement in Medicare Fee-For-Service rates, value-based programs offered by health plans, group purchasing programs, and financial incentives. Practices in the IPA share our learning and knowledge to coordinate care, engage our patients, and improve health outcomes at an overall lower cost of care. Doctors We partner with Collaborative Health Systems (CHS) to leverage their extensive experience in leading the value-based care market. CHS serves as our population health management services organization (PHMSO), meaning that they support our participating practices with the key resources needed to achieve success in value-based care. CHS provides CIPA with health information analytics to care coordination, risk contracting to clinical expertise, and operational support.

Independent Providers Working and Growing Together

Over 150 participating providers in CIPA work together to provide high-quality healthcare to their patients through coordinated care while experiencing practice growth and financial success. CIPA, working with CHS, adds to the expertise and aids in the financial wellness of its providers. In partnership with CHS, we have developed population health, clinical, care management, quality reporting, and telehealth capabilities. Together, we have the resources to participate in the incentives that are part of value-based care programs. Our ultimate goal is to enable providers to focus on doing well—in caring for patients, staff, and achieving financial objectives in the practice. Learn More