Care Coordination and Management

An extension of the provider

Long before care coordination, care management, and social determinants of health became standard healthcare buzzwords, Collaborative Health Systems (CHS) teams were providing and improving care beyond the clinic and provider’s office. Our teams and services seamlessly integrate with your practice workflow. We work with you to increase coordination of patient care, reduce barriers to patient visits, oversee chronically ill patients, reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and readmissions, and improve overall quality and patient satisfaction.

Providers have increasingly less time to spend with their patients. That’s why we’re committed to delivering resources and expertise to extend the provider’s impact.  We partner with you to understand local markets, and then build customized solutions that will improve results. Our local teams and tools ensure our provider partners have real-time information at their fingertips – so you can help patients get the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

Our Three Pronged Approach

Our local staff become an extension of your team to help engage patients beyond the clinic.

  • Collaboration. Our team will find community resources, collaborate with the patient’s healthcare team, and even conduct in-home safety checks to gather a complete picture of the patient.
  • Access. We work to increase patient autonomy and access through our technology platform, HealthyImpact 360. Patients securely communicate with the care team. Providers receive notification of admissions, discharges, and transfers to streamline coordination of care for your patients in real-time.
  • Education. We work with you to build educational resources and outreach around wellness visits, voluntary alignment, medication adherence, transitions of care, benefit enhancements, individualized care plans, nutrition and diet, and utilization of services.

Your mission is our mission. We make sure you and your teams have the resources and tools to deliver high quality care. Success in value-based care can only be achieved if providers and office champions are committed to healthcare programs. Our team educates medical leadership and practice managers on program specific goals and requirements. We provide local staff that helps facilitate, develop, and implement process improvements and workflow solutions based on data insights. Our practice scorecards and reports extend beyond the organization to include trends for regional hospitals, long-term care facilities, and specialists. We work alongside you to improve communication and collaboration between the entire care team which can include specialists, hospitals, facilities and ancillary services.

Our team’s unmatched experience leading the market in value-based programs and leveraging resources keeps us positioned with the latest government and industry trends. CHS turns data into actionable opportunities for process improvements and healthcare transformation. We help you improve complete and accurate HCC documentation and coding. Our intuitive technology platform, HealthyImpact 360, provides a comprehensive dashboard interface for tracking population health and quality reporting for providers and care teams. Our provider partners also have access to Ignite, a HIPAA-compliant and secure audio and video telehealth platform. Our platform easily integrates with EMR systems for an additional layer of real-time collaboration.

Result 150K

patients cared for by CHS Partner Providers

Result 13.7%

Reduction in outpatient emergency room visits

Result 31.5%

Reductions in SNF length of stay

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