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At Collaborative Health Systems (CHS), we understand that it takes a village to achieve the greatest success in healthcare transformation. Health plans that partner with CHS receive access to our high-quality providers with the expertise and commitment to improve performance and outcomes. Our partner providers know how to deliver results.

CHS partner providers achieved an average quality score of 94%* while caring for over 150,000 Medicare Beneficiaries and delivering over $2 billion in care across the country.

Our providers have demonstrated success in risk contracts and implemented practice efficiencies to reduce unnecessary and duplicative services, improve patient engagement and experience, and increase coordination across the care team. Let us help your health plan improve quality, performance, and outcomes.

Together, we can advance healthcare.

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Year-over-year our providers increase quality of care delivered, improve complete and accurate HCC coding, exceed quality metrics benchmarks. If you’re looking for expertise in quality, you’ve come to the right place.

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