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No matter how you measure it, we deliver results for our partners. Our collaborative partnerships lead to exceptional performance and measurable outcomes. Our innovative solutions aim to increase quality of care, improve care coordination for patients, reduce provider burnout, and so much more.

Total net savings to the Medicare Trust Fund since PY 2012


Cumulative earned savings for CHS Partner Medicare ACOs since PY2012


Total net savings to the Medicare Trust Fund in PY2022


Average shared savings rate by CHS Partner Medicare ACOs in PY2022


Current Medicare beneficiaries cared for across the country by CHS Partner Providers


Increase in Primary Care Services by CHS Partner Primary Care Providers


Reduction in ER Visits per thousand beneficiaries year-over-year


Reduction in Skilled Nursing Facility Days per thousand beneficiaries year-over-year


Increase in Annual Wellness Visits Rate year-over-year

Results based on 2021 and 2022 CMS Quality Performance Reports, 2021 and 2022 MSSP Performance Year Annual Expenditure and Utilization Reports, ACO REACH 2021 and 2022 Claims.

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