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Gain Sharing:

Primary care is in our DNA and we understand what it takes to build meaningful and successful relationships across the care continuum. At Collaborative Health Systems (CHS), we work with providers to create incentive programs that reward participants for eliminating medically unnecessary services and improving the quality and efficiency of care. Patients deserve the right care at the right time, and hospitals, specialists, surgeons, and physicians deserve to be rewarded for a job well done. Let us help you build profitable relationships.

Quality Metrics:

Our technology, resources, and experience drive quality success for partners across all payers.  CHS leverages real-time data to identify and build meaningful initiatives with our partners around quality and coding gaps, patient assignment opportunities, patient utilization and expenditures, and more. CHS Partners have shown year-over-year improvement in quality metrics. The most recent Medicare quality results revealed active CHS ACOs achieved an averaged quality score of 94%.

Risk Management & Contracting:

CHS helps organizations determine the risk and exposure that you’re able to take, and build successful and appropriate risk contracts with you. We understand how important it is to have tailored and customized risk contracts. That’s why we’ve created over 1,500 adjustments across the country to make sure our partners have exactly what they need to succeed. Whether you’re exploring participation options for the Medicare Shared Savings Program, Independent Practice Associations, Direct Contracting Models, or other risk contacts, we have the experience to guide you on your journey. Not only can we help you understand the risk, reward, and challenges, but provide management services to help your organization achieve the greatest results in value-based care.  Our expertise and resources in data analytics, quality metrics, risk adjustment, healthcare operations, regulatory requirements, technology platforms, care coordination and social determinants of health solutions are unmatched in the healthcare industry. Let us help you manage risk and navigate risk contracts. We are always looking for strong provider partners to collaborate with us.

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