VBC Basics

Engaging the patient, rewarding the provider and improving the healthcare system

The value-based care movement aims to improve our healthcare system, make us all healthier and reduce the overall cost of care.

  • Providers are rewarded for the quality of care delivered over quantity of services rendered, incentivized to coordinate with the entire care team and encouraged to provide preventive care and treatments.
  • Payers and policymakers continue to remove red tape and outdated regulations, reduce administrative burdens and requirements, and encourage providers to enter risk-bearing arrangements.
  • Patients and caregivers are asked to engage in care planning, share in decision-making, and partake in preventive behaviors.

Ultimately, value-based care puts the patient at the center of the healthcare system and rewards providers who can demonstrate efficiency and effectiveness in their care.

Collaborative Health Systems leads the market in helping independent providers participate and achieve results in value-based care models.

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